Tuesday, 25 October 2011


There are a few things I have bought for my little birdie lately that I couldn't live without!

Firstly, the Miracle Blanket.

My sister-in-law actually gave me this when I was pregnant but I had no idea how to use it so it ended up putting it in the too hard basket. Then one night while looking at wraps on the net I stumbled upon a picture of it and finally knew how it was supposed to be used. It has flaps on the inside that wrap around the arms keeping them secure and then the outer layer wraps around 2 or 3 times making it virtually impossible for baby to come unwrapped. I promptly retrieved it from the tallboy and started using it. Birdie is now sleeping through most nights and is as snug as a bug in a rug!

Second is the Raz-berry teether.

Little birdie started teething a few weeks ago and of all the different teethers I've tried her with, the only thing she wanted to chew on was my or my husbands fingers. That was until today when I bought her this.

She spent the whole afternoon happily chomping on it much to my delight. And it doesn't hurt that it is adorable too!

My final purchase that I and birdie are very happy with is her new (second hand) jolly jumper. After trying out her cousins and looking adorable while thoroughly enjoying herself I decided we needed a jolly jumper. The only problem was that the basic jolly jumper is used in a door way and attaches to a doorframe, which we do not have. This meant we needed to buy the jumper and stand which is at least $119. I managed to find one in perfect condition on eBay for considerably less than that and birdie has been having a ball with it ever since. Although she obviously enjoyed herself a little too much the first time she used it as she managed to wet herself with excitement. (Really it was my fault for not making sure her nappy was sitting straight.)

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