Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Three weeks post op- no more drain. Yay!

Today was a big day. It's been three weeks since my mastectomy and I finally had my drain taken out, we were given the go ahead for IVF treatment to harvest and fertilise my eggs, and I have been given a date for my first chemo treatment.

As you know from my last post, my drain was driving me mad. Since my side swelled up I had lost a lot of movement in my arm and could hardly lift it above my shoulder. I tried doing the arm exercises i had done in hospital, but every time I tried to stretch my arm up, it felt like I was pulling the stitches that held my drain in. Even when resting I could feel the drain tugging at them. So you can imagine how happy I was yesterday when my drain measurement was finally down to the required 40ml and I was told I might be able to have it taken out today. My new breast care nurse, from The San Hospital where I will be having chemo, called this morning to see how I was going with everything. When I mentioned the drain she told me she could take it out for me as long as my surgeon said it was ok, and he did. This was wonderful and meant I only had to drive 15 minutes up the road to have it removed, as opposed to driving to my old hospital, which is an hour away. It was quite painful when she took it out, and seemed twice as long as my other drain that had been removed before I was discharged from hospital, but the relief was instant.

My chemo appointment was first made for the day before my husbands birthday, which I wasn't exactly happy about, but couldn't do much to change. Thankfully it was then moved to 4 days later, which is great and means we get to have a whole extra weekend to celebrate and be 'normal' before I have to start chemo and deal with being sick and tired.

Later this week my husband and I are spending half a day in the city with the IVF Doctor and Nurse to discuss my treatment plan, which will involve hormone injections, but I'm not sure what else exactly. I'm sure I'll do a new post once I find out though. For now, please enjoy this photo of Little Birdie devouring an elmo cupcake.

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