Sunday, 13 November 2011

Back to work...for one day

So, I went back to work on friday. My sister and I own two boutiques in Sydney called Cauchois & Calo and our casual couldn't work so i did. I was obviously hesitant to leave little birdie but i had a lovely day. My parents live around the corner from the shop so looked after her for the first time. She was apparently an angel but she refused a bottle the WHOLE day so mum had to resort to giving her my milk in a cup!

I've always been lucky to love my job and although my priorities have changed since becoming a mum this hasn't changed. I had such a nice day catching up with my customers (and showing off photo's of my little birdie) and it didn't hurt that we have had amazing stock delivered in the last few weeks so i was able to come home with some beautiful new outfits which i thought i'd share.

Alice McCall Crochet Cat Top

Maison Scotch Leather Thongs

Manning Cartell Knit

Gypsy 05 Skirt

Maison Scotch Tee Dress

Maison Scotch Tee w Scarf

Manning Cartell Shirt Dress

Maison Scotch Stripe Layer Tee

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