Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A lovely day.

Today was a wonderful day. Nothing excessive. Nothing fancy. Just one of those perfectly lovely days, spent with my little birdie. And I figure, this blog is full of descriptions about cancer treatment, side effects and so on, so I wanted to write an almost cancer free post.

Seeing as tomorrow is chemo number three, and I'll possibly be spending the next few days feeling a bit average, I wanted to do something to make the most of today, this whole week really. Yesterday we spent the day at my sisters where little birdie had a ball playing with her cousins. That afternoon we picked my husband up from the train station when he finished work, but we got there a bit early. Instead of just waiting in the car like we usually would, I decided to take her down to the station platform. She loved everything about it! Riding down in the glass lift, walking along the long platform, and especially watching the train come in and looking for her daddy through the carriage doors. On a bit of a side note- My dad takes my sisters two eldest children, 5 and 3, on an 'adventure' every week. They catch the ferry into the city and then the train home to my sisters, stoping along the way to explore anything from tourist attractions, to toy shops, parks we used to play in as kids, museums etc, and they have an absolute ball. So today, when my husband suggested little birdie and I take the bus over to a friends place when I was carless, I jumped at the chance to take her on her first bus ride.

After a relaxed morning, little birdie had her nap and I got everything in order. I packed our bags, lunch, and her backpack, and planned our journey. We were only travelling to the next suburb, but that made it no less of an adventure. When she woke up we walked in the sun to the bus stop, just up the street. She pointed out birds, told me all about the different coloured flowers we saw, saw puppies, very messily ate her jam sandwiches, and then waited for the bus. When she saw it come around the bend she stared at it with both her eyes and mouth wide open. We were the only passengers on the bus and the driver, Colin, was absolutely lovely. He asked all about little birdie, some questions she even answered herself, and he didn't seem to be in a rush to drive off either. When we finally took off she seemed a lot more nervous than I expected. At first she sat on the seat right beside me but after going around a sharp bend, she sat, or rather laid, in my lap. We arrived at our first destination, the train station, Colin made the people about to get on the bus wait and move aside so little birdie and I could get off safely. From here we began walking to our friends house. Again, little birdie loved describing everything she was seeing. This time, as we were walking along the main road, she also had plenty of trucks and 'big cars' to point out.

After about ten minutes walking we arrived at my friends place. She has a son who is a few months old than little birdie as well as a newborn baby, so little birdie was thoroughly entertained all afternoon. And we had a lovely afternoon too, full of tea and cake. My husband picked us up on his way home from work and not only was little birdie very excited to see her daddy, but my friends son (who hardly knows my husband) also seemed quite excited. He gave my husband a tour of the backyard, and when they came back inside, he was in my husbands arms hugging him. Then, as I got in our car, I saw a big pink bag on my seat, inside which was a box full of decadent cupcakes. What else could I want?

When we arrived home the three of us relaxed, and played, for an hour, and then i started to get dinner ready. We all ate together, then I took little birdie for her bath, but before she got in she insisted on using her potty (and did successfully) for the second time today. After the bath she came and sat with my husband and I, brushed her teeth, got dressed, and then spent 10 minutes 'reading' us her Aussie alphabet book. This involved pointing at the pictures and telling us what they were: 'Barbecue' 'Echidna' 'Frog' ' Horsie' 'Ice cream' 'Lizard' 'Quoll' 'Wombat' and 'Yabby'. And after that she had a bottle and went straight to bed.

So, like I said earlier, today was a lovely day. A day where I didn't think about having cancer, instead I though about being a mum and enjoyed the little things that seem so wonderful to my little birdie.

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