Saturday, 16 February 2013

Almost home time

It's my last night in hospital! For now anyway.

I very happily received the news this afternoon that I will be going home tomorrow. I had started to get quite comfortable here and had begun to think that it wouldn't be a bad thing to stay in hospital for another few days. That was until I received a phone call from Little Birdie last night. She had been at my sister in laws since leaving me at midday and was supposed to be staying the night. She had apparently been asking for me all afternoon so my sister in law finally gave in and let her ring me. As soon as she heard my voices she started started crying. Then I started crying. Then I decided I was ready to go home.

I did get some very annoying news this morning though. Apparently the fluid in my drains had become cloudy (which i had noticed) and as a result the nurses told me that I had to be put on a fat free diet until it cleared up! I had actually joked with a friend the night before that if I ate anymore chocolate I would turn into one, and turns out I wasn't far off. What annoyed me even more was that my sister was coming to the hospital for lunch with delicious pasta she had made for me which I was now not allowed to eat. And even though I joked about the chocolate, I really hadn't had that much and had only been eating the hospital food. In the end I realised that it wasn't the worst thing in the world. My lunch of steamed fish and boiled potatoes was actually really nice and a refreshing change from the cheesy and creamy hospital food I had been eating.

Today the breast care nurse also fitted me for a very attractive bra (It's not really that bad) and a soft prosthesis (that looks likes big shoulder pad) that I can wear once both my drains have been removed. I think it's wonderful that the hospital gives you a bra to take home. The whole situation is daunting enough without having to worry about going out to buy that kind of thing. In six weeks I can go into the city and be fitted for a propped realistic prosthesis as well. By then I will have started chemo so can probably go wig shopping too, what a fun day.

The rest of my day was pretty great. My sister did come in, minus the pasta, and brought with her Little Birdie and two of her sons (19 months and 5 weeks). Little Birdie was very excited to see me and sat on the bed next to me giving me cuddles until she and her cousin discovered the balloon bouquet I received yesterday. They played beautifully together for a good two hours while her baby cousin slept peacefully and my sister and i had a chance to catch up.

My husband came to see me tonight. It felt like forever since we had spent any time with each other alone and was lovely. We had dinner together (steamed veggies and fruit for me) and had a chance to discuss our plans for when I got home. I'm really looking forward to being home with him and Little Birdie tomorrow.

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