Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines day

It's 7am on valentines day and I've just seen my professor/surgeon, and my somewhat mangled chest for the first time. It's also the first time in 8 years that i have woken up without my husband on valentines day. 

The Professor removed my dressing revealing a slightly wonky and puffy wound held together with staples and steri-strips. He seemed quite happy with his work and said he would be back to see me tomorrow morning to give me all my results and to discuss my treatment plan. I asked if this meant 6 months of chemo and no radiation as we had discussed last week but apparently my reconstructive surgeon, who I will also meet tomorrow and who 'knows all about me', wants me to have radiation as well. Fun fun fun.

I think I might just have to have a pretty macaroon for breakfast to make me feel better.

Happy Valentines day x

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