Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Two Weeks Post Op

It's now been two weeks since my Mastectomy and i'm still feeling pretty good. Everything seems to be healing pretty well but i still have my drainage tube in, which is starting to be a bit of a pain. I have to empty in two or three times a day and measure how much fluid comes out. It's supposed to be 40ml or under for it to be removed but it has been almost 200ml for the last few days! I even rolled over onto it the other morning and made it spill all over me. It was as gross as it sounds. When i saw my surgeon last week he said he would remove it later this week but that there is a chance i might swell up once it comes out and have to see him every few days to have the fluid removed with a syringe. Ew!

I'll be seeing my Chemo doctor (I don't know the correct term yet) later today which i am looking forward to. I have transferred to a hospital closer to home for Chemo as i will have to spend one day there every three weeks for the next six months. I'm looking forward to finding out when I will be starting treatment and what to expect. We are also seeing an IVF doctor later in the week to discuss harvesting my eggs before starting Chemo so I am glad I will have some information for them.

We went to my sisters (post) baby-shower on Sunday which was lovely. It was great to get dressed up and go out again. I wore a 50's style dress which had a high neckline and a full skirt so it perfectly concealed my ugly bra and prosthesis as well as my drain bulb. It was really nice to see Little Birdie and all her cousins playing together too, but i did get a little emotional when i was holding my beautiful 6 week old nephew surrounded by other adorable little boys. I couldn't help thinking about the baby i could have had if it hadn't been for my cancer. I'm sure it would have been a boy.

Not much else has been happening since my last post. I've been enjoying being home and have caught up with some friends, but I'm really starting to miss picking up Little Birdie. I am going to ask the surgeon this week if i can pick her up sooner than the 6 weeks he originally told me. I'm really hating not being able to put her in the bath, get her out of her cot when she wakes, and especially putting her to bed at night, something I have done almost every night since she was born. My husband and mum have both been wonderful helping with those things, and she doesn't seem to mind, but I really hate not being able to do it all by myself. Even yesterday she fell over and scraped her head and not being able to pick her up and cuddle her immediately was quite upsetting. (FYI we took her to the Doctor and she is fine).

On a happier note, Little Birdie has been ridiculously cute and happy this week.

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