Monday, 15 April 2013

Bye bye hair

The inevitable has finally happened. My hair is gone.

It started falling out a week ago, which coincidentally was the same day i finally went wig shopping. On Monday night I noticed a little more hair than usual coming out when I brushed it. I wasn't sure if it really was my hair falling out or not, so I pretty much spent the next hour putting my fingers through my hair until I actually pulled a small chunk out. It almost felt like I was pulling Velcro off my scalp. I wasn't tugging at it, I just pulled lightly and I heard it coming away from the roots.

From then on, every time I touched my hair, more and more would fall out. By the end if the week i had a whole bin full of hair! On Thursday night I noticed bald patches at both of my temples but I still wasn't ready for the big shave. By Friday afternoon it had gotten so bad that I put a thick headband on before my husband got home because I didn't want him to freak out when he saw me. When I woke up on Saturday morning I looked absolutely ridiculous and knew it was time. I've read about people having family over, a party, or shaving their heads at the hairdresser with a bottle of wine, but I didn't have time for that. It was 9am and I couldn't handle looking like George Costanza for another minute. I sat down in the bathroom, put on some Lana Del Ray, and my husband got to work. Little Birdie sat in my lap and watched on totally amazed while my head was being shaved. She even picked up one of the (plastic) shaver attachments and pretended to shave her head too.

Then, when my husband was finished, and I was totally bald, I got to shave his head. We had talked about him shaving his head with me, but he doesn't have much hair because he shaves it regularly, so I thought he was only joking. I was surprised at how good shaving his head made me feel, as did seeing our matching hair styles. Since then I have been experimenting with all kinds of head wear, and trying to get used to seeing my very white scalp. It's been too hot to wear my wig but I did get a fringe wig thingy which I love!

Tomorrow will be three weeks since my first round of chemo and two days till round two. I'm hoping I handle it as well as I did last time, but I guess we won't know till my next post. Wish me luck.

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