Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter & chemo week one

It's been a week since my first chemo and I'm still waiting to feel sick, which is quite a strange feeling. Chemo itself was surprisingly lovely. My husband came with me, we watched a movie, chatted with other patients, were given yummy snacks, and all in all had a nice day. All the nurses, and even the pharmacist, were great. They spent plenty of time explaining my medications and how I would feel in the days after my treatment. I was in a great mood, so much so that my breast care nurse told my husband that I was 'on a high' from the steroids I'd been taking, and that in two days time I would have a big low as they left my system. I didn't quite believe her and thought she was just surprised at how well I am handling everything, but just to be safe I organised for my mum to be home with me that day. Unsurprisingly I was totally fine that day, and every day since. (I hope I haven't just jinxed myself by saying that.)

I have had a few side effects so far, but not really the ones I was expecting. The first thing i noticed was that my taste buds have started to change a little bit. I only notice when I eat certain foods, like citrus, but the most notable is chocolate. and it's Easter. Can you believe that? The next side effect i noticed was my skin. I've started to break out like a pimply teenager! I have horrible red pimples on my face, neck, chest, and even arm. This was totally unexpected but Little birdie seems amused by it. We sing a song about spots when playing sometimes, and she's been singing it to me and pointing at them. I've also had a very upset stomach for the last three days, which hasn't been pleasant. We were supposed to go out for Good Friday but couldn't because of it. Luckily it was better yesterday, during the day at least, so we were able to go to my sisters for a big Easter lunch. It was lovely, and delicious, and little birdie had a ball. While we were there I noticed that my left palm has started too feel a bit numb, like I've fallen over and stopped myself with it. This is apparently nerve damage from the chemo drugs. Lovely. Apart from that we had a great day. We even had a visit from our neighbours in the afternoon who gave us a beautiful plant as a welcome present and also to let us know that they are there to help anytime we need.

We also received some good news yesterday about ivf. We now have 9 embryos frozen, ready for us when we are able to continue our family, which is a great result.

All in all its been a great week, and the best thing has been Little Birdie. She has just been so happy and affectionate and entertaining, and easy! Bed times have been a breeze, and when I've been tired she has played happily by herself while I've rested on the lounge. She is such a smart little girl. She even spent 5 minutes entertaining my husband, dad, and I yesterday singing a made up song about chickens! Almost every single day my husband and I find ourselves saying how lucky we are. Having her more than makes up for all the bad luck we've had.

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